Subway Customer Tackles Man Attacking Employee, Holds Until Police Arrive

Gabriel Pitzulo, a regular customer at a south Indianapolis Subway, stepped in to help when he witnessed an employee being verbally and physically assaulted. Pitzulo intervened because he was raised to believe in standing up against such behavior. He tackled the assailant to the ground to prevent him from potentially causing more harm.

Drawing on his background in combat sports, he was easily able to restrain the suspect until the police arrived. Despite the assailant’s attempts to resist, Pitzulo managed to keep him under control without causing further harm. District Manager Aara Khan praised his actions, acknowledging that his intervention prevented a potentially dangerous situation.

Pitzulo humbly credited his response to his faith and a sense of duty, he says he’s just grateful that he was able to help. Meanwhile, the suspect was placed under arrest at the scene and is facing battery charges.

Source: WRTV

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