Good Samaritan Rescues 2 From Burning Boat In SF Bay

On Monday afternoon, a 40-foot boat caught fire in the San Francisco Bay near Redwood City. The fire started shortly after the boat left the dock and quickly engulfed the vessel in flames. Fortunately, another boat in the area managed to rescue the owner, a passenger, and a dog who were on board.

One of the rescued boaters was taken to the hospital as a precaution but was reported to be in good condition. Sebastian Bounds, a sailing instructor who witnessed the incident, describes how quickly the situation escalated. He offered help to the responding firefighters, providing life jackets and extra lines to aid in the rescue efforts.

Luckily, the burning boat drifted away from other vessels, preventing the fire from spreading further. The rapid response by emergency personnel and the intervention of good Samaritans helped ensure the safety of everyone involved in the incident.


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