Someone On The Show Has Several Rejected Segments

Bobby Bones shared the top five rejected segments that didn’t make The Bobby Bones Show. They were rejected because they were either dangerous, hurtful, boring, or they could get people fired, and the top four were all from the same person for the first time ever! 

Below are the top five rejected segments:  

  1. Eddie wants to know if guys have a bathroom routine. Not like a getting ready routine, but a going to the bathroom routine and if you go every day at the same time. It wasn’t chosen because it was too gross. 
  2. Eddie saw Lunchbox has had a reminder on his computer for two months to e-mail someone. He wants to know if he ever did it! It wasn’t chosen because it’s stupid.
  3. Eddie: Is this considered littering? He boils two eggs in the morning and eats them on the way to work. He’s in a hurry so he throws the shells out the window while driving. It wasn’t chosen because they thought he just sent it in to fill up space.
  4. Eddie: He asked what you’d be the king of after he watched the coronation of King Charles. He said he’d be the King of being a dad and grilling. It wasn’t chosen because it’s considered too braggy.
  5. Mike D wanted to have a fake funeral after Jamie Lee Curtis's brother held a fake funeral to see who would be there. He suggested we spin the wheel and whoever it landed on we had to host their funeral on the show. It wasn’t picked because it was too morbid.  

Honorable mention goes to Amy: She set a new personal record of going 11-days without washing her hair. It wasn’t chosen because it was boring.  

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