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Lunchbox Is Moving To Charlotte

The World of Golf was turned upside down yesterday and we try to understand what it all means. Did the PGA win? Did LIV win? How mad would you be if you ended up turning down $100 million like Rory Mcilroy trying to be loyal to the PGA Tour? We have a Brandon Miller update and Lunchbox is back with stories from the Folds of Honor Celebrity Softball game. Also we find out why Lunchbox is moving to Charlotte. 

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(Wed Full Show) Listener Ranks Everyone On The Show + What Did Amy Learn About "Luxury Brands" + Why Will Eddie Never Go Back On This Plane?

Listener Megan in California sent in her power rankings list of all the show members. Find out who came in first and who she put last! Then, hear what Amy learned about "luxury brands" from a person on Instagram and why you should know this sales tactic! Plus, Eddie rode in a tiny plane for the first time and doesn't know if he would do it again, find out why!

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(Wed Early Bird) Why Is Lunchbox Officially a “Free Agent” + Amy Used Alexa To Teach Her Kids What Something Meant + Mailbag: 13-year-Old Too Young To Date

Find out why Lunchbox is now a "free agent" after a team quit on him. Plus, hear the question Amy's kids asked her that she had to use Alexa to help explain. Mailbag: A listeners 13-year-old daughter met a boy at her best friend's birthday party, and he asked her out on a date to the mall and movies. Her dad thinks 13 is too young to go on a date unsupervised, but he does not want to be a helicopter parent. We share our thoughts!

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Tues Post Show (06-06-23)

We start quickly talking about the PGA Tour merging with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf. Bobby plays a game with Eddie called Blind Acceptance. 400 people were told they had cancer falsely which leads us to an update with Eddie and if he’s still going skydiving. ‘Healthy’ breakfasts that have crazy amounts of sugars and Bobby reviews his Whole 30 experience. Then we get into a discussion of the dark web and Amy returns.

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(Tues Full Show) Did Lunchbox Book His First TV Commercial? + We Spill The Tea From The Celebrity Softball Game + What's The New Segment Scuba Steve Suggests?

Lunchbox thinks he booked his first TV commercial, but it's not exactly what he had in mind. Find out what happened and if you'll see him on TV soon! Then, last night, Lunchbox, Morgan and Scuba Steve played in the Folds of Honor Rock ‘N Jock Celebrity Softball Game, and they spilled the tea on everything that happened! Plus, hear the new segment Scuba Steve suggested and if the show is on board with it.

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(Tues Early Bird) Which Celebrity Did Raymundo See At The Grocery Store? + Rejected Segments! + Mailbag: Danced With Another Woman

Find out which celebrity Raymundo saw at the grocery store wearing a jersey with their name on it! Plus, the top five rejected segments from last month and who had 80% of them! Mailbag: A listener went out for guy’s night and was approached by a few women to dance. His friends gave him a hard time and said his wife would be upset because he didn’t tell them no. He wants to know if he’s in the wrong and should tell his wife. We share our thoughts.

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Amy's Near Death Experience (5th Thing)

This chat ended up being a PSA to set up your emergency contacts in your phone ASAP if you haven't already done it. However, you might want to make sure that you select people that will actually respond if an SOS gets sent out. Amy for sure needs to rethink hers...since she basically could have been murdered or kidnapped this weekend...and nobody would have saved her. 

Other topics:

- Don't sleep on Facebook Marketplace, it has some good finds!

- Is Amy supposed to change her name because Brown isn't her maiden name?

- Kat teaches us how to figure out who a lost phone belongs to if you find it! 

- Amy shares an email from a listener named Katie who has seen a dramatic shift in her life since she started practicing gratitude!!

- What is something you're proud of yourself for today?

- Amy's new podcast room (filming the 5th Thing will start soon!!)

- Is Kat a good therapist?


Today's quote is from Jay Shetty: "If you can build a muscle, you can build a mindset." 

HOSTS: // @RadioAmy

@Kat.Defatta // @YouNeedTherapyPodcast

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Objective Unlocked!

Tune in to hear an EEP Employment Specialist (Recruiter) who is now an Operations Manager, as well as one of the Associates, Leon Allbritton, they've helped find a position for to learn what it's like to get placed in a new job.

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#401 - Terry McBride On The Origin Story of McBride and The Ride + His Famous Dad Didn’t Want Him To Do Music + Why His Grandparents Called The Cops On Him + How Trying to Get George Strait to Record His Song Landed him a Record Deal

Legendary songwriter and lead singer of McBride and The Ride, Terry McBride (@TerryMcBrideMusic), talked to Bobby Bones about how he formed McBride and The Ride and shares the origin story of their name. Plus, he talks about how Brooks & Dunn have recorded over 25 songs he's written, and what it's like to be a songwriter in Nashville. Terry also recalls how his dad didn't want him to pursue music and shares the story about why his grandparents once called the cops on him. He also shares stories from when he toured with John Fogerty and Huey Lewis in the 80s and how trying to get George Strait to record a song he wrote landed him a record deal. Terry will also reveal why McBride and The Ride got back together and released new music for the first time in 20 years, and more! 

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